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in your brows


This "perm" for your brows is the perfect alternative if you're not ready to commit to microblading. Brow lamination is the process of straightening your brow hairs and setting them into place. Using a gentle chemical solution allowing the hairs to lay in the desired direction and shape. Resulting in a fuller, more defined brow, lasting 6-8 weeks when followed by proper aftercare. At Kelsium, brow lamination includes tinting & styling. *Waxing is not included & is not a service we currently offer.*


  • 1hr of Brow Lamination. 

  • 10min of tinting and styling.

  • Aftercare kit.


  • Do not get brows wet for 24 hrs after treatment.

  • Do not rub, touch, or apply any makeup products on brows for 24 hrs.

  • Avoid extreme heat, no steam, hot showers, saunas, or swimming for 24hrs.

  • Use your brow conditioner included in your take home kit.

  • Brush your brows daily and after showers in the desired direction.


*This service is not suitable for the following: if pregnant or nursing, currently taking accutane or any other acne medication, allergic to tint.

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